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Fat Transfer Dallas

Facial Fat Transfer

As we age, facial fat loss results in sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, facial creases and lines, and thin lips. The face literally becomes ‘deflated’. Facial fat transfer allows us to sculpt and restore the face to its natural beauty. Fat injections may be used to fill in hollow areas under the eyes and cheekbones, laugh lines (smile lines) and other facial creases. It can also be used in the hands. Fat is readily available, is a living tissue, will not be rejected, feels natural and can be replenished.

Fat transfers can be used as a single procedure to treat the whole face or to target only certain desired areas. Fat injection procedures are performed in an ambulatory surgery setting using local anesthesia and IV sedation (twilight anesthesia).

Most patients may typically return to work and other normal activities immediately after the procedure. The result is a rejuvenated, natural look that can last for years.

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