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Gynecomastia Surgery – Simple Solution to Revamp Your Self Image

Man Boobs – Not so Unusual

Breasts! Breasts on a woman are a beautiful reminder of the many wonders of the human body. Not so much on a man.

Unwanted breasts on a man can be awkward, embarrassing, and often makes a man self- conscious about his appearance. Men have been known to attempt to hide their breasts by changing their posture, crossing their arms over their chest or wearing layers of shirts. In some cases, the excess fatty tissue in the breast area can result in low self-esteem, depression and withdrawal from social settings.

Incidence of Gynecomastia

“Man Boobs”, “Moobs”, or “Mammaries”, medically known as Gynecomastia are more common than one might think.

What you may be a surprised to learn is that one out of three male adolescents will suffer from some degree of abnormal breast enlargement, but 80 percent of them return to normal in three years or less.. Most physicians believe that if it has been present for at least a year it is highly unlikely to go away on its own if it is true gynecomastia. It can affect males of all ages: from 14 to 70!.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Most cases of gynecomastia are isolated issues and just ‘happen’ for no really good reason that we know of, however in some cases it may be a sign of something deeper going on: testicular tumors, hormone imbalance, or even side effects of medication or drugs (marijuana, even alcohol). The important point is to see a qualified cosmetic surgeon if there is concern about breast enlargement. They will help determine whether or not there is a treatable medical cause for the problem. Again, usually there isn’t. Unfortunately, the extra tissue that composes gynecomastia cannot be exercised away or disappear with a diet – and a surgical procedure is needed to fix the problem.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery is simple, low risk and very rewarding. Usually it can all be done at one time. On rare occasion the procedure is complex and may need to be staged.

Sometimes liposuction alone is enough but sometimes a more extensive male breast reduction is required to remove excess skin and tissue. The male nipple can also be reshaped, repositioned and made smaller if necessary (but it rarely needs to be messed with).

Skin quality and type are important components in the treatment decision process.

Most gynecomastia patients with tight skin are treated with a combination of liposuction and limited excision of any remaining glandular breast tissue right underneath the nipple.

The procedure can be easily performed using IV conscious sedation and tumescent anesthesia. General anesthesia is rarely needed and frequently entails unnecessary risk. After IV sedation is given, the chest is “numbed” with special numbing fluid. Liposuction is then used to remove as much extra breast tissue as possible through a small nick at the base of the nipple – an easily camouflaged area.

After liposuction, there may remain a ‘bud’ of breast tissue that needs to be removed. This can be done by extending slightly the nipple incision and methodically removing this breast tissue. On rare occasion there may be extra skin that needs to be trimmed away – but that is the exception rather than the rule.

Getting Back to ‘Normal” – Gynecomastia Recovery

Surgery last about 45 minutes. Men will be observed in recovery until they demonstrate they are stable and then home they go! After surgery, men may resume normal daily activities immediately (including work) – exercise and heavy lifting will have to wait for 3 or 4 weeks. A fancy vest is worn under your clothes for 3 to 4 weeks to help with swelling and to help mold the new contours. You will check in with your surgeon at 2 weeks and again at 6 – 8 weeks.

New pics are taken at 2 months. Most men are absolutely thrilled with their new physique. Many will change their clothing or walk around without a shirt for the first time in years. There are few surgeries that offer such a rewarding emotional ROI.

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